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Hi, my name is Zoe Stearns. I am human researcher, cognitive scientist, and PhD candidate specializing in oculomotor behavior and visual perception. My website is your portal to thought-provoking discussions based on embodiment theory, cognition and perception, philosophy of mind, neuroscience, meditation, sensory encoding, consciousness and so much more. My ultimate mission? Empower humans to discover their full potential within the mind-body-world relation.

Let’s embark on this journey together!

PhD Research

Explore the RESUME section to discover notable accomplishments from my doctoral studies at the University of Rochester.

Get to know my lab, our research, and our eye-tracking tools! Graduate Research section.

Personal Touch

Interested in how I became interested in cognitive science? Check out my personal blogs about my academic journey. Undergraduate Studies section.

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Latest Blog Post

Click here to read my reflection of the podcast episode “On the More-Than-Human-World” from California Institute of Integral Studies. A stimulating conversation between Matt Segall and David Abhram is discussed and I relate discussion points from the podcast to emerging theories in perception and cognition science.